S.A.V.E. Lansing

Cast: Prudence Arden, Albert Fergusson, Julia Whitehead
Location: Lansing, Michigan


Headquarters: In an old, abandoned bomb shelter in the forgotten subbasement beneath the Abel B. Sykes, Jr. Technology and Learning Center on LCC Campus.

Important People
Dispatch: The Team’s director and a survivor of the purge. No living member of the Office has ever actually met Dispatch in person, as he communicates exclusively through the Shelter’s Com System.
Ofc. Robert Batson: A particular unlucky street cop who has a habit of stumbling onto the remains of Unknown Activity despite having never directly observed it. Bobby has a mild crush on Bones and tips her off to any weird crime scenes or calls as a way of impressing her.
Tommy Fredericks: The current head of Engineering for Consumer’s Energy, he looks up to Mac and often tips his old mentor off to any weird power outages and surges because of the old man’s odd hobbies.
Ruthie B. Worthington: The Team’s secretary, and Dispatches eyes and ears in the Shelter. She’s always the first in the office and the last to leave, has never said more than two words to any member of the team and is always working but never seems to get anything done.

Major Threats
The GhostPack a number of deaths have occurred in the area around Jolly and Waverly, all victims are viciously mauled by no fewer than six pit-bulls who somehow manage to leave no forensic evidence behind.
The Pattern Someone’s taking people by the Grand River Alternating one male, one female on or near the equinoxes every year for the last twenty years. No one notices because they chalk it up to accidental drowning, and yet no one ever finds the bodies.

Internal Conflicts
Who Do You Trust As most of the team was brought in by the previous director, Gerald Daily, the team isn’t so sure they can trust the enigmatic Dispatch, whom they had assumed would reveal himself once he took charge of the office.
Enemy Mine The “territory” around Lansing is split by US127 due to another S.A.V.E. Office, S.A.V.E. East Lansing, has declared Holt, Mason and everything East of the Capitol City their territory. While they obviously can’t keep the Team from travelling across the state, any hint that they’re working a case (even attempting to research at the MSU library) is met with harassment.
With Friends Like These Meanwhile S.A.V.E. Eaton Rapids, made up of the family of a deceased member of S.A.V.E. Lansing, have declared much of Eaton County Outside of Lansing and into Jackson County their territory, though they seem more inclined to work with the Lansing Team, their lack of all but the most basic knowledge leads to them doing more harm than good.


  • Ruthie B. barely speaks, does no apparent work and never seems to leave the HQ. Who or what is the mysterious office manager and just what does she actually do for the S.A.V.E. Team?
  • What is an old telegraph machine doing in the HQ and why did it receive a single message one night in the winter of 2012?
  • There’s a house on Sheridan Rd. They’ve detected no Unknown activity and the family living there shows no sign of being in danger, so why do they keep getting tips on that location from multiple reliable and unconnected sources?

The history of S.A.V.E. in Lansing can be traced back to the Rajje incidence of 1963. While the escaped elephant made national news, even getting an article in Life. What people didn’t know about the incident, not even the teens who to this day blame themselves, was that they were under the influence of the Unknown.

The S.A.V.E. Detroit office sent in two of their own to investigate what turned out to be a Shaman of the Evil Way urging the elephant, teens and cops into the confrontation. Realizing that Mid-Michigan needed to be protected, those envoys went to work for Michigan State University and set up the first field office from there.

At some point in the intervening decades S.A.V.E. set up a satellite office in the bomb shelter beneath the Abel B. Sykes, Jr. Technology and Learning Center and by the late nineties, The S.A.V.E. Lansing Office had grown into a fully functioning field office that answered to and received reports from its larger Parent Office in Detroit. The small office beneath LCC Campus had become the Branch’s records department and was staffed by a number of retired Envoys and researchers.

When the blackout occurred in 2000 the Lansing Office went dark, breaking off contact with its mother office in Detroit while also suffering an internal schism after a particularly ugly mission in which a number of envoys were killed. The East Lansing Team felt that the intel gathered by the Lansing Team had been lacking while the Lansing Team, which by blackout boasted 10 full members, blamed a lack of funding from East Lansing and claimed that the “Home Office” treated them as little more than fodder.

The two teams, while still allied, grew further and further apart over the next decade culminating in the Nejem Manifesto and the reemergence of the global S.A.V.E. network. When Detroit made contact, Matthew Turtletaub, a young but seasoned Envoy who was also a professor at MSU immediately responded, happy to have reconnected with other offices and excited for the chance to rebuild the old network. Others, chief among them was Gerald Daily, the official head of the office, were less enthusiastic about reconnecting with the other S.A.V.E. offices and opening themselves to another purge. Seizing on the opportunity, Turtletaub called for a vote of non-confidence and took control of the East Lansing headquarters. Gerald, along with a handful of Envoys from the records room broke with the main office and ‘retreated’ to the repository underneath LCC Campus.

In the three years since the Lansing Office was “lost” Turtletaub and the East Lansing team have declared them renegade for not giving over custody of the Records Room (its location was on a need to know basis throughout Daily’s time as director) and interactions between the two Offices has become strained to the point of hostile.

Of the original “renegade team” only three members survived, including Gerald, his secretary Ruthie and the mysterious “Dispatch” the paranoid head of still hidden Records Room. for his part Gerald had an eye for recruiting, having discovered a pair of natural users of the Art in Albert and Julia as well as ‘poaching’ Professor Prudence Arden from Turtletaub.

Sadly, Gerald died of a heart attack in August of 2015, leaving the still unseen Dispatch in charge of the office.

S.A.V.E. Lansing

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